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Frontier Station Inc.

Frontier Station Inc. is an Agricultural and Industrial Supply company with a primary focus on supplying fertilizer, seed, and chemicals to both Wholesale and Retail accounts.

Located in Craig, Colorado, Frontier Station, Inc. was formed by Junior Kawcak in December of 2008 with plans to expand on family operations that were started in 1976. Frontier Station, Inc. is currently progressing on both long and short term goals of completing new business facilities that will be able to service and supply many Agricultural and Industrial needs.

Craig, Colorado is at the junction of US Highway 40 and Colorado State Highway 13 in the Northwest corner of Colorado and is easily accessible to both truck and Rail transportation systems. Frontier Station, Inc. is serviced by the Union Pacific Rail line in two locations with the ability to handle bulk liquid or dry materials.

We are proudly serving the greatest portions of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Frontier Station Inc. is driven by knowledgeable people with strong concerns in customer service and the ability to get it done.

If we can help you with your operation give us a call or stop by today!

Junior Kawcak
President / Owner

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