Liquid Fertilizer

-32% Solution UAN
MSDS     Data Sheet

-3-18-18-0 SOL
MDSD   Data Sheet

-N-Rage Max 21-1-3
MSDS   Data Sheet

-Specialty Liquid 6-24-6
MSDS    Data Sheet

-12-0-0-26s ATS
    MSDS   Data Sheet


AG and

Industrial Supply

​​​​​Dry Granular Fertilizer

-34-0-0 Ammonium Nitrate  
 Data Sheet

-11-52-0 Mono Ammonium Phosphate
MSDS     Data Sheet

-30-10-0 Blended

-46-0-0 Urea
MSDS  Data Sheet

-0-0-60 Potash
MSDS    Data Sheet

-12-40-0-6.5zn 40 Rock
    MSDS   Data Sheet

-21-0-0 Ammonium Sulfate

    MSDS   Data Sheet

​-NutraSul 90

    MSDS   Data Sheet



Helping Grow Your Future

Frontier Station Inc. offers bulk or bagged fertilizer of all different kinds. We carry both dry granular and liquid fertilizer. Our knowledgeable AG team offers SOIL SAMPLING to insure the fertilizer applied will have the highest benefits for your crop. We have the ability and knowledge to mix custom fertilizer based on the conditions of your field.

For large quantities, we offer custom application with our large spreader units, or for a small fee, we have PTO driven pull spreaders available for those growers who prefer to spread their own fertilizer.

Frontier Station Inc.