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Common seed carried by Frontier Station

Pasture Mix

  • Low Grow
  • Plains Dryland
  • ​​Premium Dryland
  • Premium Pasture
  • Irrigated Meadow
  • Mountain Meadow


  • Potomac/Dawn
  • Paiute
  • Crown Royale




That doesn't stop us! Frontier Station has many options for reclamation. We have experience with construction, fire, landfill and many other areas of reclamation. We have connections with local aviation services as well for those remote locations unable to be service by our ground units.  

Our reclamation mixes very by project but we can restore the land with native grass and brush that once existed in the area.

Check out our selections of pre-mixed irrigated and dryland seeding mixes!

Tired of not being able to kill those pesky weeds in your alfalfa patch? Then plant the new genetically modified Roundup® Ready Alfalfa! Roundup® ready alfalfa is a variety of alfalfa that can withstand the blunt of glyphosate chemical. Frontier Station carries a wide range of Roundup® Ready alfalfa. Contact us today! Stop by or give us a call for more information or to get going on your Roundup®  Ready crop!

Does Roundup® Ready Alfalfa interest you?


We have what you need for your seeding project!

Frontier Station Inc. offers a wide variety of seed, including but not limited to legumes, grasses, forage crops, grain crops, and irrigated and dry land mixtures. We do custom seeding mixes as well as custom orders for unique seeding projects.