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Do you have a pivot system or other source of sprinkler irrigation? Let us set you up with an Agri-Inject®  injection system saving you time and providing quality and quantity control for liquid fertilizer and other products!

With fluid injection technology from Agri-Inject®, you can:

  • Apply a wide range of products through your irrigation system: fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, soil amendments, acid products, wetting agents and more.
  • Reduce costs of chemicals, fertilizer and application labor for bottom line returns.
  • Manage for better plant health and optimum yields through season-long application at levels that make sense economically – and for your plants.
  • Achieve greater control of timing, input costs, application costs and response to crop or turf threats.
  • Be confident that you are being environmentally responsible and improving safety on your operation.

The newest and greatest precision agriculture systems are here! Frontier Station is a dealer of Outback Guidance systems powered by AG Junction. Outback Guidance is a leading agricultural GPS guidance system manufacturer. Outback Guidance products focus on tractor guidance and mapping and precision spraying for ground agriculture. This award winning technology has a solid reputation amongst the industry. Upgrade now and save money and time on your next farming season.