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Crop Production

Our goal is to help you maximize your crop production. Here at Frontier Stationwe offer custom fertilizer for all your crop varieties, a wide variety of herbicides and insecticides to keep those pesky weeds and bugs away, along with many types of twine  for when the time comes to harvest those high yielding fields that we can help you produce.



Frontier Station offers a wide variety of fertilizer. As a grower you have the option to apply your own fertilizer or have us do it for you with our large spreading units. We deal in both liquid and dry granular fertilizer to accommodate for all preferences.

Seed Sales

Will you be planting soon? Allow us to help! We carry a large variety of seed and can order whatever else you may need. Whether your project is large or small we've got you covered! 

We have a large variety of chemical available for all your weed and bug needs. We carry a lot on hand or can order anything you desire to use.


Are you ready to face the twenty-first century technology advancements? Let us help! We deal in many precision agriculture products.


Here at Frontier Station Inc., we strive to help you grow, protect, and harvest your high yielding crops that we can help you produce. Frontier Station is full of knowledgeable minds with advanced knowledge of agricultural elements. Between our manpower and our equipment, we can surely get your fields yielding at their highest potential. Frontier Station is your crop production headquarters!

Frontier Station has everything you need for your crop production!

Make Frontier Station your crop production headquarters! From Seed to Fertilizer, we have what you need!